CBD Lion

Our mission is to help educate people about the potential benefits of CBD and terpenes and how they can be used to help regulate our endocannabinoid systems to balance our bodies. We strive to provide customers with high quality CBD products!

We set the industry standard by manufacturing in our ISO 7 Certified Clean room to make sure our products have high quality.

We provide transparency through our labeling and by providing third party lab test results for all our products to ensure quality and proper dosage. Lab results are available at our website under Test Results.

Our vape product flavors are hand crafted with all natural, organic terpenes. These flavors mimic strain specific cannabis profiles and fruit flavors providing an experience unlike any other. (Tasting similar to Award Winning cannabis strains such as Sour Diesel, Strawberry Cough, Sour Tangie, Ghost Train Haze and Blueberry.)

All of our products have Zero THC. Our customers get the benefits of CBD and terpenes without the anxiety or psychoactive effects of THC.

Our manufacturing team has cannabis processing experience along with a creative team that continues to develop new ideas & products!

We provide quick, efficient customer service whether you have a question about CBD or you aren’t sure which product to use for your specific needs. Our team is here to support our customers!