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“CBD” stands for “cannabidiol” and is a type of substance you can find in cannabis and hemp plants. However, while ingesting marijuana causes a high, or psychoactive effects, CBD doesn’t.
This is because while marijuana has a high THC content (the psychoactive content that makes you high), CBD has very little or no THC. As a result, you can use CBD to get the many benefits marijuana has, but not feel high or impaired.
There are many ways to ingest CBD, such as smoking, vaping, or swallowing capsules.

Kushly CBD

Kushly is a premium CBD company providing the highest quality, full-spectrum CBD products on the market

Diamond CBD

Our team, made up of doctors and scientists, is dedicated to producing the finest and purest CBD products while never compromising on quality.

Miracle Nutritional Products

Our commitment to the integrity of our brands has driven us to make careful decisions about how we grow, extract, formulate, and package our products.


MegRelief is an all-natural joint and muscle pain relief product: our all-natural spray is a premium blend based off of Nutmeg and Peppermint that helps provide fast relief for those suffering from inflammation, joint and muscle pain.

Essential CBD

Our number one priority is to create the highest quality, best CBD products possible. This has been our mission since day one and will continue to be forever.

CBD Resellers

At CBDResellers.com it is simple what we are doing; 100% Legitimately and with Transparency – to provide our customers with the best quality, highest purity and top potency, Hemp-Derived Products on the market today.

Dr. Strians CBD

We pride ourselves in our product pricing as well as it’s quality! We know that there are tough times ahead for America and it’s Americans and is proud to offer products starting from $3.79!

Honest Paws

Honest Paws offers premium CBD products for pets. Our CBD is organic, non-GMO, soy-free, and lab-tested by a third party to ensure the best quality.


To help as many people become happy and healthy as possible by using custom-engineered cannabinoid blends to provide the most advanced and effective products in the industry.

CBD Lion

We educate people about the potential benefits of CBD and terpenes and how they can be used to help regulate our endocannabinoid systems to balance our bodies.


Medicinal marijuana company that offers their medicine in an upscale delivery system. The most beneficial parts of the cannabis plant to create our custom blends of cbd.

Hemp Trailz

We have personally seen the positive effects that Cannabis has had on patients including members of our families, and would like to contribute spreading the healing power.


In recent studies, CBD has been found to treat a lot of different medical problems. Here’s how CBD capsules can help treat some of your health issues.