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Motive Muscle and Joint Support CBD Capsules contains 750mg of isolate CBD which quickly targets the body’s sore areas for relief. Our rejuvenating blend of artisinal ingredients, are combined with organic CBD. Because these reduce inflammation, your daily aches and pains will subside. The addition of glucosamine and chrondroiten, combine with CBD, to create better joint and muscle health. Therefore, Motive Muscle and Joint Support Capsules reduce post exercise pain, and help rejuvenate your body. As a result of their CBD routine, many users report they experience reduced tension, and better movement.Motive’s unique capsules provide the many benefits of CBD, along with glucosamine and chrondroiten, to offer your body relief from stiff muscles and sore joints. Get the benefits of all natural cannabidiol (CBD) in a convenient capsule. Once in a routine, these capsules help your body stay in balance and allow quicker recovery. As well, these capsules may be an ideal solution for people who have arthritis. A recent news article and position paper by the Arthritis Foundation indicates this organization’s support for it’s members finding relief from CBD items. Each bottle contains 30 individual capsules, and this is typically a 30 day supply. Individual users find their own dosage benefits based on their body type and physical activities. Motive Muscle and Joint Support CBD Capsules are all natural and use organic ingredients. As a result, the capsules are heavy metal and pesticide free, vegan friendly, certified Kocher and are non-GMO. Importantly, Motive Muscle and Joint Support capsules are fully made in the USA.* Free shipping on all orders over $75!* Isolate CBD is 100% THC free and non-psychoactive* Promotes the relaxation of muscles and joints* Improves blood circulation to reduce inflammation* One bottle is a 30 day supply at the 1 caplet per day suggested usage* Each capsule contains 25MG of CBD, isolated via CO2 extraction and crystal precipitation* All natural ingredients, CBD sourced from Kentucky farms, heavy metal and pesticide free, Non GMO* Cruelty free, no testing on animals, Vegan friendly, certified Kosher* Made entirely in the USAIngredients:* Orgainc, Isolate CBD- 25mg* Glucosamine HCI – 100mg* Broswella Serrata – 100mg* Cat’s Claw (a woody vine) – 100mg* Curcumin – 100mg* White Willow – 100mg* MSM – 72.8mg* Chrondroitin Sulfate – 44.8mg* Piperine -4.8mg* Gelatin for capsule

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